Meet the School Board



Dr. Art Rhodes (Chairperson)

President of the Church of God Benefits Board

Dr. Stephen Darnell

Interim President of ETS, Field Director for the Church of God Europe/CIS/Middle East

Dr. Carolyn Dirksen

Professor, Lee University Church of God, TN/USA

Raymond Hodge

Director of Business and Records Church of God, TN/USA

Terry Applegate

CEO of Applegate Insulation Manufacturing, Inc

Marc Brenner

National Overseer for the Church of God, Germany

Johann Siegel

CEO of Siegel Malerbetrieb & Sanitär-Heizung, Germany

Clayton Endecott

General Presbyter of the Church of God of Prophecy

John Morgan

Pastor of Regency Church, Florida

John Mills

Consultant; Lawyer and Businessman

Vance Massengill

Missionary Educator Church of God Middle East

Dale Jones

Businessman NC/USA

T. Wayne Dority

State Administrative Bishop, Church of God, TN/USA

Jaume Torrado

Executive Bishop & National Overseer Church of God Spain, Europe

Bruce Rabon

State Administrative Bishop, Church of God, SC/USA

Sascha Kielwein

Pastor of the Church of God Allmersbach i.T., Germany