The seminary grants a 10% discount on the general tuition fee when two or more students of an immediate family are enrolled full-time at the same time.

For qualified students coming from EU countries, there may be the possibility of receiving financial aid from the government. The European Theological Seminary is registered with the Ministry of Education in Baden-Württemberg as a professional school for the purpose of financial aid (BAföG).

ETS Scholarship

To apply for an ETS Scholarship, one must download this application form and the following conditions met to be considert for approval.

  • ETS Scholarships are given only to Church of God Members, because ETS is a Church of God Institution.

  • The Application form needs to be signed by the National Church of God Overseer of your country and the Church of God Superintendent of your region.

Please note that unless you receive a positive answer on your application, no scholarship is awarded.

For more information please contact us.