The Certificate in Theology Course is a sixty (60) semester credit unit foundational programme for both pastors and church workers. It is offered through the Division of External Education. Satisfactory completion of the programme at College Level (minimum Grade Point Average of 2.0) allows entry into the second year of the extension programme and of the Seminary’s Undergraduate Studies Division at Kniebis, or any other accredited College which has adopted this programme. ETS course numbers are shown in the left hand column, but where CIMS courses are also applicable the numbers are shown immediately following the Course Name.  The outline curriculum below divides the Foundations Course into two halves whereby a student may complete half the course and still receive a Certificate of recognition.


  Course No.    Course Title ECTS 
 Part I: Core courses OT 101 Old Testament Survey 3
 NT 101 New Testament Survey  3
 BH 101 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation   3
 EL 105 Field Ministry I 3
 Part I: Applied Theology   
 (choose 6)
 CF 101 Introduction to Christian Education 3
 CF 201 Christian Education of Children 3
 CF 203 Ministry with Youth 3
 CO 201 Counseling 3
 CO 301 Selected areas of Counseling 3
 CC 101 Introduction to Christian Care 3
 CC 201 Selected Area of Christian Care 3
 CC 203 Family & Community Care 3
 Part II: Core courses TS 101 Survey of Christian Doctrines 3
 HT 101 Pentecostal History and Doctrine 3
 WM 101 Introduction to Evangelism 3
 EL 106 Field Ministry I 3
 Part II: Applied Theology   
 (choose 6)
 WM 201 Foundations of Missions 3
 WM 202 Church Planting & Growth 3
 PM 101 Local Church Ministry 3
 PM 201 Foundations of Homiletics 3
 PM 301 Church Administration 3
 CM 101 Introduction to Music Ministry 3
 CM 320 Leading Worship Through Music 3
 CM 324 Music & Worship in Bible 3