Becoming an Extension

National schools which desire to become an ESCM extension of the European Theological Seminary should take the following steps:

  1. Under the supervision of the national overseer, and the ESCM educational co-ordinator, a national ESCM leadership team/Committee should be selected.
  2. The leadership team should nominate a Director and Registrar (the same person can fill both of these responsibilities, if necessary) to the national overseer for his approval. The Director’s tenure is subject to biennial nomination and appointment.
  3. The National Director, and the ESCM educational Co-ordinator together with the ETS Extension Ministries Director, will submit the national ETS extension application to the ETS Administrative Committee for evaluation and approval.

The responsibilities of the National ESCM Extension Director shall be:

  1. To work with the national overseer in co-ordinating the ESCM extension programme with other national programmes.
  2. To prepare an annual budget and work with the national overseer in requesting funds for the extension as a part of the national budget.
  3. To supervise the keeping of financial and academic records for the national extension.
  4. To forward to the ETS Extension Ministries Director the records and fees of students who have qualified for academic recognition and credit from ETS.
  5. To forward an annual plan of study to the ETS Extension Ministries Director for approval. This proposed study plan will be due each year by September 1st. It should include a proposed plan of study, a syllabus for each course, proposed texts, and the name and qualifications of the teacher for each course.
  6. To maintain all standards prescribed for the ESCM extension ministries (as defined by the Handbook). 
  7. To travel to the residency school in Kniebis when meetings and seminars are planned for the ESCM extension ministries. Expenses for these seminars shall be the responsibility of the national schools. It is strongly recommended that all national offices which support an ESCM extension make provision in their budget for these expenses.
  8. To provide travel expenses and accommodation when the ETS Extension Ministries Director or visiting faculty are invited to teach or attend graduation.

Criteria for ESCM approval

General Criteria
  1. Commitment to the ministry of reconciliation.
  2. Need for foundational studies in Christian ministry.
  3. Approval of constituency leadership.
  4. Extension leadership team which represents the above criteria.
  5. Local Extension Director and registrar selected by the ESCM leadership team.
  6. Approval of the ESCM and its study programme by the ETS Administrative Committee after consultation with the resident faculty.
Academic Criteria
  1. Minimum Teacher qualifications:
    1. ETS 4 year diploma, B.Th. or its equivalent
    2. Ministry experience in teaching area
  2. Course content: Equivalent to the ETS Foundations Course in quality, scope and amount of study material.
  3. Student evaluation: a test or project for each semester-hour of credit.
  4. Study hours: n.b. on Campus a study hour comprises of 50 minutes.
    1. 30 clock hours of study, excluding exams, for each semester-hour of credit (12 -15) hours of classroom instruction and 12-15 hours of self-study).
    2. 30 clock hours of study, excluding exams, for each semester hour of credit for self-study courses.
  5. Syllabus: Each course is explained to the students in a course syllabus as prescribed by ETS, which must include learning outcomes and assessment criteria.
  6. Prospectus: Study programme is described in a prospectus as prescribed by ETS.
  7. Academic credit will only be given for course work that has been approved, properly registered for, and service fees collected. 
Records Criteria

Each ESCM Extension is required to keep complete records of the following:-

  1. Resumé for each teacher.
  2. Application for each student
  3. Course Grades and academic transcript for each student.
  4. Financial records of fee receipts and expenses.
  5. Syllabus and exam for each course.
  6. Prospectus and teaching plan for each academic year.

At least two months before graduation the local Extension Director shall send the students’ grades and transcripts to ETS with the agreed service fees.

Finances Criteria
  1. Self-supporting budget determined by the ESCM leadership team.
  2. ETS service fees per student per credit.